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Reducing your electricity costs with 8 to 17% and contribute to a better environment!

Is this not the dream of any company?

The solutions offered by Power Quality Europe can really make this dream come true.

We have been supplying our solutions to many well known companies for many years. Also your annual energy bills can be slashed by 8 to 17%.


After extensive measurements and an inventory of your energy infrastructure, we promise you savings on electricity, and that is a 100% guarantee.

This translates immediately to a large, guaranteed, long-term saving. If you opt to finance the Power Quality Europe solution via a lease framework, this usually means that the monthly leasing instalments will be lower than the savings on your energy bills. That way, from the very first month, you are guaranteed savings that will directly reflect on your profit & loss account.

Additionally, in certain cases the annual maintenance costs for connected equipment will drop and ultimately their lifespan will increase from the total improvement of your electric installation as a result of better Power Quality.

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In other words, if you like:

Durability and corporate social responsibility

Less CO2 emission

Saving on energy costs and immediate profits

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